VeriSolutions technology allows you to easily create a mesh network of sensors that puts actionable information right at your fingertips.


VeriSolutions creates connected restaurants by deploying an easy to install mesh network of sensors for monitoring food safety protocols and staff performance.


A secure wireless hotspot for all of your connected devices.

• 3G cellular connection
• Wall mount and 12v power supplies for fixed and mobile use
• Internal GPS for location logging
• Adaptive mesh networking for covering extensive ranges 

• 24-hour LiPo back up battery


• USB powered for fixed and mobile use
• GPS module for cold chain monitoring
• Persistent 3G connection
• Adaptive mesh networking for extended range

• 24-hour back up battery

Connect all your devices to the cloud, simply and securely.


Placeable environmental sensors 

• Temperature monitoring (-40°C to +125°C)
• Humidity monitoring (0% to 100%)
• 5+ year battery life
• 100m range (extended with mesh network)


• Temperature monitoring
• Humidity monitoring
• 5+ year battery life
• Easy to add nodes for network expansion

Easily monitor temperature and humidity anywhere.