Built for Restaurants.

Temperature monitoring solutions designed to help you prevent inventory loss, ensure customer safety, increase operational oversight, reduce energy costs, improve operational efficiency, and predict maintenance issues.

Wireless Solution – Low Monthly Cost – No Wi-Fi Needed

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Intelligent Food Safety Monitoring

Plug n Play

Receive your box in the mail.
Place sensors in appropriate coolers.
Plug in VeriConnect. No wifi needed.

Temperature Monitoring

Mesh network of sensors that record temperatures 24/7.
No more manually logging temperatures.

Customizable Notifications

We alert you before it’s too late.
Receive SMS alerts if coolers are out of compliance.

Automated Reporting

Automated HACCP reporting to help ensure corporate compliance.
Predictive analytics give new insights into your operations.

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  • Connector.


    Robust temperature and humidity monitoring
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    Data hub which collects data and sends it to the VeriCloud
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    Personal dashboard for viewing data reports and managing multiple locations
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    Customizable operational checklist available on web and mobile
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