The Shifting Tides in the Quick Service Restaurant Industry

June 2017 –  The Quick Service Restaurant, or QSR for short, industry is facing a complete overhaul due to the surge in connectivity across the United States. With the growing popularity of fast-casual restaurants in the U.S., companies like Starbucks, Subway, and Panera, who dominate the QSR market, are being forced to innovate their business models to satisfy changing consumer …

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Challenges on the Horizon for the Restaurant Industry

March 2017 – Restaurants around the country are working to determine the best way to respond to rising costs, while still providing a unique and enjoyable cost-effective dining experience. While this trend in rising costs impacts companies across the hospitality industry, independent restaurants occupying the fast-casual to fine-casual industry space are facing some of the biggest impacts. “Rising labor costs, rent …


4 Steps to Painless Inventory Management

Restaurant inventory… those two words are like nails on a chalkboard to most restaurant managers and owners. It isn’t because taking inventory is a worthless activity. In fact, most restaurant managers know it’s a necessary task for keeping tabs on Cost of Goods Sold and running a profitable business. It’s just that in the middle of managing a restaurant… someone …


Enter the Age of the Connected Restaurant

Recent technologies in the restaurant space have been able to Monitor food temps & food safety Save on labor costs Prevent inventory loss Improve the guest experience


Third-Party Restaurant Delivery Apps and Services on the Rise

How many times a week do you find yourself opting to order delivery versus eating at a restaurant? Do you have at least one mobile app designated for food delivery? Uber Eats? Seamless? Amazon’s Prime Now Restaurant Delivery? Yep, you’re not alone. As restaurant-delivery apps like Postmates and DoorDash are continuing to go viral, more consumers are realizing just how …


Employee Tracking: Innovative or Invasive?

What thoughts come to mind when I mention the term “employee tracking”? Invasion of privacy? An infringement on our Constitutional rights? Big Brother? If any of these phrases came to mind, you’re not alone. As a society, we are becoming increasingly skeptical of “employee tracking” as a whole. Some GPS-enabled technology now allows employers to know not only when their …


Wage Violations on the Rise: Technology to the Rescue

Rapper, actor, and entrepreneur T.I. faces a lawsuit from former employees at Scales 925, his downtown Atlanta restaurant, regarding wage violations. Though his case may be more publicized than others, trust that he is not the only restaurant owner dealing with this issue. Employee wage litigation is prevalent in the restaurant industry, but luckily there is existing technology that can …


Dear Restaurants, Help Me Help You.

You may not think this article is revolutionary. It may not blow your mind. It’s not really focused on marketing or sales or preservation of brand. There’s no quotes from famous professors or any type of strong supporting scientific data. This article is merely a personal reflection on how easily my own habits and actions as a food customer can …


Increasing Restaurant Efficiency With Mobile Payments

Embracing the right kind of technology for your restaurant can be a huge step forward into running your business more efficiently. Many of your customers have already embraced the ease and efficiency of mobile payments, a technology designed with restaurant efficiency in mind. Mobile payments help automate tasks and connect you to directly to your staff and customers. Consider all …


Convenient Trumps Fresh, but What About Health?

Fact: The United States has consistently ranked amongst nations with the highest intake of processed foods year after year. While some would sneer at this, the fact remains that many Americans find limited time for meals and turn to convenient options. But does this convenience come at the price of health? Recent reports of Listeria in major brand foods (ranging …